About Us

About us

Magic Of Little Things!

Create and Recreate Stories and Beautiful Memories!

Movies 74%
Travel 81%
Insiprational Stories 50%
Food and Drinks 69%
Arts & Culture 61%
Enterpreneurship 88%

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Investments & Growth

Make your Investments on the things that you love. Investments that earn you happiness, money and Success.

Around the Globe

Travel places. Make New Connections. Experience Happiness.

Shift your Directions

Make that shift and get going.


Akshay Iyer

Founder & Explorer

Filmy. Foodie. Internet of Things. Number Guy.

We love our job

Make it hybrid

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Want to work with us?

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We are currently looking for the following positions:

  • Lead developer
  • Client manager
  • Marketing Specialist

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