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In Triviagic, we believe in “Magic Of Little Things”.

It is the small things that has a bigger impact in our lives.

Storytelling is an skill where everyone is an expert, surely in different fields, but an expert.

See the world in a new and positive way!


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Our story

“Triviagic” is local discovery platform and your entertainment partner. Here we believe that each one of us have something to talk and share about. Nothing is trivia, sometimes what you feel is trivia (Little) might be the next awesome thing to get on. Besides, Sharing your heart out will not only make you feel happier but also make others happy. We all have discovered many little things in our daily routines and in our holidays that amuses us. We also have realized sooner or later that “Life is full of action, drama, emotions, and a mixture of all these crazy and surprising things”. So why not for once – create, recreate and share the moments of MAGIC and LOVE!.

  • Connect with the community of people who share the same interests. Not just filter, but (Super Filter). Try it out in our CHAT
  • Are you good at writing quotes or just musing around? Well, we have got you covered. Showcase your Quotes and Scribbles to a larger audience. Be visible in google and in other social channels.
  • Search and discover across multiple categories and spread the magic!
  • Recommend and review what you love, become a “Trivia Trooper” and join the community of explorers.
  • Get onto the latest buzz and always be in the loop.
  • Plan, Organize and make it happen with our local recommendations, help and guides.
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