#TriviaTroopers – A community of like-minded people (Explore your interests)


Our website is up and live now.
Here, @triviagic we are inspired to create short films, quotes and stories. There are billions of people out there who have equally interesting stories to tell in an all together different way. Some love to express in words, and some via visual modes.✍️📺
Whatever be it, we are here to connect you guys & get your story out to the world.🎬

Why restrict the entertainment industry to a limited few. Let’s bring out something new.

#Summary :

• Pen down your stories.
• Pen down your quotes
• Super-Filter your interests and Collaborate with like minded people.
• Give #weeklychallenges to your community.
• Provide plots to come up with new ideas.
• Make videos to depict the current stories in our website.
• Create podcasts & Go audio.
• List products (via interests/mood/categories) to sell in your community. • Share videos that tells a different story.
• And lot’s more.

Visit our website and –

• Browse your interests
• Browse via Mood
• Browse via categories & Sub-Categories.
Go to the submit section, type that story, tag it and hit enter. That’s all. You’re done. We’ll take care of the rest. And if the quotes and stories are unique and worth the read, we’ll publish it.
And hey, did we tell you that these would be google searchable via your name. Ta-daaaaah.

This can be an extrovert’s another medium of storytelling. This could be an introvert’s way to connect with like minded people.🌟

It is our way of contributing to the entertainment industry. Making it more wider, fresh, educational, powerful and meaningful.

About the picture- #WhatsYourPerspective :

Travelling expands your horizon. It gives you another perspective to think of.

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#TriviaTroopers come let’s make the entertainment industry even more entertaining!

Also, What do you think of the current entertainment industry spread??

Let know your take in the comments section below.

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